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ALL TV Services in Pondicherry

All TV Services in pondicherry, Cuddalore, Thindivanam. Almost all the home having LED TV. Sometime it may get repaired. We give solution instantly. ST Computer is 24 x 7 Top LED TV repair service center in pondicherry. We service the all types of L.E.D, LCD TV with Doorstep. ST Computers offer service for MI TV, Sony TV, Samsung Panasonic TV, LG TV, Android TV, Smart TV’s  and other model LED TV etc., . Our Technicians Team fix your issue within few hours.

ALL TV Service in Pondicherry, ST Computers

Common Problems in LED TV

Noise in Speakers.

Sound issue.

Display line issue.

Video problem in TV

LED TV with installation.

Blank screen in LED TV

Types of TV’s We Services


2. Plasma Panels

3. Quantum Light-Emitting Diode

4. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TV

5. Direct TV

6. Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Display

7.  Digital Light Processing (DLP)

ALL LED TV Repair service ST Computers Pondicherry

Service By Resolution

1. 8K Resolution TV

2. 4K Resolution TV

3. 1080p TV

4. 720p TV

Service By Screen Type

1. Curved Screen

2. Flat Screen

Our Technicians are well trained and certified trainers.

We service your TV With best Quality with best Price.

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